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[...] Blind Vision arises from the artist’s interest in exploring the universe of people who perceive reality with senses other than sight. To achieve this, she made contact with l’Unione Italiana di Ciechi e ipovedenti (Italian Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired) and the Istituto Paolo Colosimo of Naples. Blind Vision constitutes not only a social and artistic investigation of human perception, but it also seeks to reaffirm the value of these individuals as an active part of society. The project began in November 2016 when the artist met with a group of 20 partially or totally blind people of various ages, professions and educational levels to establish a connection and rapport with each. She then photographed their eyes and invited them to share their experiences of living with one less sense and relying on other means to perceive reality. The interactions inspired and motivated the documentary Blind Vision, directed by renowned filmmaker Nanni Zedda. [...]
Raisa Clavijo

curated by
Raisa Clavijo

texts by
Raisa Clavijo
Luigi Caramiello
Stephen Knudsen
Paul Laster
Andrea Viliani
Colosimo Institute Museum
permanent installation

inaugurated on the occasion of
May of Monuments 2017
Piazza dei Martiri

8 december 2017 - 12 january 2018

ONU - United Nation New York

11-15 june 2018

Italian Consulate

november-dicember 2019

multimedia installation
Colosimo Institute Museum, Naples
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