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Bruno Colella
Movie director

In the last years cinematography talked too much about Naples, first with “Gomorra”, the beautiful film by Matteo Garrone that shows in an extreme and poetic way the hallucinatory logic of the Camorra phenomenon. Then with the television series with the same title, a good packaging but little poetry, a genre TV series, in short, useful just for making a show. These two products, similar but actually very different from each other, have brought to the fore facts and characters that distinguish, in one way or another, the degraded and violent circuits present in every major city in the world, arousing curiosity and attention in that large part of the public that knows little about all this. This works, the ratings are high: so here is a series of facsimile products, more or less successful photocopies on the same subject, competing to find and stage the disturbing and fierce aspects. Yet in Naples the great hotels of the waterfront are full of tourists, holiday homes host young people and families from all over the world, the subways are among the most beautiful in the world and in order to see the Veiled Christ you must book a few days before. Naples is an extreme place, halfway between Hell and Heaven and it is precisely this contrast that makes it unique. The film Napoli/Eden, takes its cue from the real adventure of Annalaura di Luggo, a tireless and brilliant artist whose installations live through the involvement of the public that becomes the protagonist of the conceptual action. Every project forces her to compete with the city, with bureaucracy, with misunderstandings. From here comes a new and fun fresco photographed by Blasco Giurato and edited by Mirco Garrone in which, the constant short circuit between good and evil, between resignation and hope, between horrors and beauty, is told and described through the disenchanted and sincere look of an artist who decides to use a material like aluminum for the construction of some of her works, the metal that best lends itself to recycling and therefore to transformation, respecting man and the environment. So, even a glittering Christmas tree, annually sacked in the very central Galleria Umberto I, can be replaced by an alternative tree born from metal waste, turning into a collective action in which numerous children of the Quartieri Spagnoli take part ... From here, among the alleys of the neighborhoods and the joy of the scugnizzi, develops a great message of love for the environment and for the city. Annalaura di Luggo, with Napoli/Eden, is the protagonist of a new challenge in the sign and dream of art.

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