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Nanni Zedda
Movie director

When Annalaura di Luggo asked me to film the Blind Vision documentary, I accepted immediately because her works speak straight to the heart, without any filters. Just like she does. But I couldn’t have imagined how much this project would touch me and draw me in on both a personal and professional level. I embraced this adventure with curiosity and enthusiasm. We embarked on this narrative path without preconceived ideas, because we wanted to listen, make room for the spontaneity of those we were talking to, and let them be the ones to tell us which topics to examine and how. This was the right approach, because they offered us moving testimony that redefined the concept of disability for me. During the interviews, there were moments when it was hard to hold back our feelings in the face of such extraordinary humanity, the determination of these people to be in charge of their lives and go where they want to go, their disarming and joyous sweetness even during the most painful conversations, and their keen ability to identify what is essential, seeing things more clearly than my own eyes can. On a professional level, as well, it was a unique experience because I found myself facing a creative challenge in visually representing a private world of images. Therefore, I chose the language of filmmaking rather than television, playing with light and its absence specifically to symbolize blindness. Filming practically in the dark, only partially illuminating their faces, may have seemed absurd, but this approach preserved the intimacy we felt while we were there as we experienced these emotions. Through this approach, I tried to convey thoughts, sensations and atmospheres in a direct and spontaneous way, just like the people who told their stories. I hope that, in the end, I have managed to convey the empathetic connection Annalaura established during the interviews and through her photographs, which do not simply explore the person’s iris but enter into their soul, creating a unique work of art in every way. Coming into contact with these travel companions was natural and immediate. Telling their story with a camera was profoundly moving, and I am infinitely grateful to them and to Annalaura for an experience that was so enriching for my life and career.

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