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Sea Visions

"The seven visions of Annalaura di Luggo span seven moments and different viewpoints, interpretations, explorations and discoveries that unleash the imagination, allowing it to do its creative work. Just as the great navigators of the past tackled new routes in an attempt to discover new lands, the artist uses her sensibility to plumb the endless depths of the oceans of emotion and feeling. Micro and macro, inside and out, finite and infinite: the artist turns her unflinching gaze on them all. After endless evolutionary tricks, the sea, which gave the land the very gift of life, now lies at the heart of the process of becoming human, and does so as a communications route, an access route but also as a huge wall of water, an insurmountable barrier. Surfaces of calm, gentle meditation but also overwhelming, perilous, unstoppable waves capable of dragging all and everything into the abyss. The human mind is as deep as the seas. Perhaps this is why every sea passage is always a voyage, both real and imaginary, into oneself. It is through this metaphor that the artist connects the art of navigation with her fascinating, evocative approach to navigating the worlds of art".

Luigi Caramiello
Professor of Sociology of Art and Literature
at the Federico II di Napoli University

International Boat Show

20-25 september 2016

collateral event of the
56.International Boat Show
Genoa, 2016
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