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The Neapolitan artist Annalaura di Luggo exhibits at the 58th International Art Exhibition - the Venice Biennale, in the Dominican Republic Pavilion. The Dominican Republic has already participated, in an honorable way, in various editions of the Venice Biennale but for the first time it has the opportunity to show its contemporary expression through a group of established and recognized artists. The works on display are inspired by a peculiarly "Caribbean" theme, as well as an important topical issue: "Nature and Biodiversity", guideline of the Latin Pavilion. Among the works of art, there are those created by some artists who, although not born in the Dominican Republic, developed in their artistic research themes similar to the dominant theme of the Pavilion. Annalaura di Luggo presented "Genesis", a work that arises from confrontation, from the desire to overcome borders, to trace a path that is enhanced in color. It is an astral geometry that belongs to the matter of dreams, which comes from the distant past to project itself into the future. A path of biodiversity understood as difference, as a discovery and therefore as an emotion of life. As Francesco Gallo Mazzeo writes in the catalog accompanying the artist's participation, "the work is the sum of small gestures, one after the other, which move from the fantasy to reality, where the light can magnify itself by radiating the invisible, made visible. Nature is a beautiful metaphor, it is cube, icosahedron, tetrahedron, octahedron, it is polymorphic, for the cantor, for the nomadic shepherd, for the founder of the cities, but it is a door open to storms, excesses, to raids and mischief: for this we must listen to it, caress it, because is mother nature, we must “adopt nature”, make it our daughter, grow together ”. The work is accompanied by the video art "Narratur" which reveals the realization path of the work of art by Annalaura di Luggo.
11 May to 24 November 2019

58th. Venice Biennale

Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello

Commissioner: Minister of Culture of Dominican Republic Eduardo Selman
Curators: Marianne de Tolentino, Gianni Dunil, Simone Pieralice

Annalaura di Luggo | Genesis
Dominican Republic Pavilion

text by
Francesco Gallo Mazzeo

2019. JUS Museum Edizioni
ISBN 978-88-944587-1-8

Genesis | 2019
pigments and sands on engraved board
triptych, cm 153x310
Narratur | 2019
video, 8'25""
2019. Annydi Production, Napoli
© Annydi 2020
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