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Never Give Up is expressed through a performative act: the premise of this act is the desire to go beyond the superficiality of the gaze. The protagonist of the eyeshot is involved in a meaninful conversation about the meaning of existence. So the photo of the iris becomes not just an image, but the map of the individual's singularity. Never Give Up is the natural expansion of the Occh-Io / Eye-I project: the artist met, for a few days, ten inmates of the Nisida Juvenile Prison, involving them in a series of performative acts useful for transmitting, through art , new perspectives of freedom. From these performances were born the exhibition and permanent installation in the Nisida prison Museum.

curated by
Guido Cabib

NISIDA (Naples, Italy)
Juvenile Penitentiary Institute
Prison Museum
permanent installation

TURIN (Italy)
The Others Art Fair


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